Our Solutions


The traditional marketing model is getting reinvented in real time and creating a lasting engagement with consumers now requires a total understanding of them. Miraldi & MacLeod will work with you to create a single-blend branding blueprint that brings your brands to life and connects you with your customers. We will help you create a strategy, recommend the tactics to use and then execute the plan. Our job is to make your cash register ring.


From strategy to activation to management, Miraldi & MacLeod works with companies to create and grow innovative brands that inspire and engage your consumers. We will position your brand to establish market leadership.


Today’s customers are powerful and connected. Their online influence can make them your biggest threat or your greatest marketing asset. Miraldi & MacLeod will create a strategy for you to become a part of your customer’s conversations and ensure the success of your company in today’s digital age.


There are approximately four billion mobile subscribers across the world. 91% of people keep their phone within three feet of themselves 24/7.  97% of all text messages are opened. Retail, restaurants and charities are using the power of mobile to increase their foot traffic and revenue.

Mobile marketing is no longer optional. From mobile websites, location based content and targeting to mobile advertising, Miraldi & Macleod will create a plan that will connect and engage your company with your mobile consumers.
Text us at 41242 and use the keyword ‘local marketing’ to see the power of text messaging.


While some will say that the effectiveness of direct marketing is beginning to wane, a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association reports that in 2010, marketers spent over $150 billion on direct marketing. This accounted for over 54% of all ad expenditures in the United States. Measured against total U.S. sales, these advertising expenditures generated nearly $1.8 trillion in incremental sales.

We are experts at direct marketing and have been working with media, consumer products and non-profits for 20+ years. Let us help you develop a plan to reach new customers, connect with old customers and introduce new products.


Miraldi & MacLeod works closely with your company to create and produce live consumer marketing programs that drives customer experiences, creates touch points and activates your brand. And in the all important world of Digital + Live, Miraldi & MacLeod blends the right amount of event, technology and social media into engagement that you can track, manage and measure.


You have probably heard the phrase, “the money is in the list.” It’s true. If you already have a list, how are you using email marketing and direct marketing to keep your customers and prospects coming back? If you don’t have a list, Miraldi & MacLeod will develop a plan to grow a list for your business,  boost customer communication and nurture the folks who join. The consistent interaction will lead to repeat business.


Miraldi & MacLeod has created thousands of consumer sales promotions to make the retailers cash register ring. Our experienced team of “street team warriors” know how to engage the consumer, get them to sample the product and become a member of the database. Sweepstakes and contests can also drive traffic and increase sales. Ask us about point of sale, in-store demonstrations and creating controlled chaos at your business. Nothing attracts a crowd like a big crowd.


Miraldi & MacLeod has been part of well planned out public relation campaigns as well as dealing with crisis pr management. Control your message to the media, investors, employees and consumers.  We have partnered with some of the best public relation professionals in the country to work on protecting your business.


Did you know that You Tube is one of the top generators of web traffic. Video must be considered with each campaign, even if it is just for you own website. Miraldi & MacLeod has partnered with award winning production companies to help you create videos for television, websites, corporate functions, events and consumer product launches.


Miraldi & MacLeod has partnered with two of the top media buying agencies in the country to make your advertising dollars go farther. Known as fierce negotiators, Miraldi & MacLeod  make sure that the ROI on your advertising is at an optimum level.


Miraldi & MacLeod has produced some of the largest events in the country. Creating, producing and executing is what makes our team successful. The responsibility of handling the planning, organizing, promotion and execution of an event belongs to an Events Team.


At the end of the day, the one thing that separates Miraldi & MacLeod from the others  is the ability to create ideas and customize solutions to your business problems. We will help you develop a business wish list and knock each wish one by one until it’s time to make new wishes.