• Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey Results Are In!

    The results from the the Annual Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey are in.  The results show that consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to connect with brands in a variety of way. And they are increasingly moving back and forth between devices. Mobile is a unique channel and must be integrated into the overall marketing mix. Businesses need to understand who their mobile consumers are, how they access their apps or sites, which ...

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  • Collecting Fans’ Email Addresses Can Pay Off for Bands

    If you're a musician or manage a band, you've probably been collecting email addresses at gigs and via your website.  So, what is an email address worth to a  band these days? Today's article in the Wall Street Journal might be able to help.   According to the WSJ, a fan who gives Arcade Fire ...

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  • Thirty Most Over Used Buzz Words in Digital Marketing

    Everyone knows that I love a great infographic and this one certainly delivers.  Were you uttering these digital marketing buzz words 5 years ago?  Highly doubt it.   Which one word do you think is most overused?  

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  • 10 Social Sites You’re (Probably) Not Using

    This article about the 10 Social Sites You're (Probably) Not Using is from Website Magazine. It is always interesting to read "lists" from other people of what you should or shouldn't use. Which ones will even be around next year at this time? What would you add or delete from this list? Hit us back via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks and have a great day. You decide. 10 Social Sites You're (Probably) Not Using

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  • Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2014

    This is one Top Ten list that you want to avoid at all costs.  It's the annual "Top Ten Brands That Will Disappear List" from . Last year's list included Suzuki, Metro PCS and Current TV, so they have a bit of a track record. For 2014, their picks include J.C. Penney, Nook, Living Social and Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  Complete analysis and the Top 10 (unlucky) brands can be found

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  • 10 Essential Online Tools You Should Be Using

    It seems every month a business magazine will publish a story of the "top online tools" you should use.  Sometimes you see the same companies and apps.  This month, Inc. Magazine published "10 Essential Tools You Should Be Using."  There was a few new names and tools in this list.  Give it a quick read and maybe you will find a new tool for your "toolbox". Read the entire story.

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  • McDonald’s McProblem: Why Millennials Are Rejecting the Golden Arches

    A branding expert explains why the fast-food chain doesn’t make the cut for millennials yet. Read more.    

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  • Small Businesses Are Slow to the Digital Party

    Only 3 percent of their ad dollars flow online from small businesses compared to 16% from big business. Read the rest of the story.

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  • Miraldi & MacLeod Do The Harlem Shake! But Is Anyone Watching?

    Just about the time Miraldi & MacLeod was going to shoot our very own Harlem Shake video, it was fortuitous that I came across this article in Business Insider.  While advertisers are desperate to do the Harlem Shake, it turns out NO ONE  is watching their videos.   Over 60 agencies have rushed to make a video, though only one has cracked the Top 200 of ...

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  • 101 Companies Rocking Social Media

    It's been awhile since we've posted a list from HubSpot and we thought this was one that most would enjoy: 101 Companies Rocking Social Media. Smart business owners are clamoring to get into the social media game. And it's no surprise why: social media use has grown 250% over the past two years! It is evident that companies must be present in--and engage with their audience on--social platforms. Great case studies from Amazon, Square, GoDaddy and many more. To ...

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