Six Reasons Starbucks Excels At Social Media Marketing

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In between my first Venti Tazo Black Shaken Iced Tea of the day and the caffeine fueled free refill, I came across “Six Reasons Starbucks Excels At Social Media Marketing.”  Pair it with a cool infograhic and I couldn’t be in a better mood.

As shown in this Infographic, Starbucks is on top of nearly every major brand in social media. And the six reasons the article lists:

  • They have heavy influencers.

  • They encourage sharing.

  • They customize a unique experience.

  • Their causes are timely and consistent.

  • They cross-promote.

  • They make it count.

Starbucks is one of many businesses we can learn from! Check out the entire article on


Infographic of Starbucks Social Media





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